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Independent Marketing Program

Our IMR Program offers an excellent opportunity for ISPs, Webmasters and any other online business who already have a large contact base of companies that would benefit from Faxaway use. As an IMR, we assign a specific agent number to you, along with a link to our secured Web site. As an IMR, you can then place this link on any web site you control. Faxaway pays commissions based upon the volume of Faxaway usage per agent number. There are no "Up Front " costs to you.

As an IMR, you will have three ways to sign up new customers with Faxaway.

  1. Our secured Web site. Any customers that come to us via your Web site's link will be credited to your agent number. The link sends the customer directly to the spot on our Web site where they are offered a chance to set up an account, with free credit for testing the service
  2. A printed application. For those customers who do not wish to sign up online, we will provide you with a printed, faxable application that will allow you to fax us the customer's information. It is important that you place your agent number directly on this printed application before providing it to your customers.
  3. Our Corporate Solution. Companies all over the world are benefiting from our cost-effective service. Corporate accounts are designed for companies that prefer to be billed monthly for their Faxaway usage. This type of account requires a credit check and/or advance deposit. We will provide you with this application as well - again, please place your agent number directly on this application. Read more information Faxaway Corporate Program.

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