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Increase your options, increase your profits

When Faxaway launched the email-to-fax industry, we revolutionized the way businesses manage their corporate communications. Using state-of-the-art technology, Faxaway brings ease and economy to sending domestic and international faxes via the Internet.

By offering the Faxaway service to your users, you will bring them the same high-quality faxing service that Faxaway has offered directly to email users all over the world since late 1995, and in so doing, your company will profit from their Faxaway usage.

Faxaway offers two programs
that can revolutionize the way you do business:

  1. Independent Marketing Representative (IMR) program enables ISPs, Web site developers, and any other online company to offer faxing services to their clients with zero capital investment. Increase the options available to your customers and increase your revenue. Learn more about our IMR Program.
  2. Faxaway Resellers Program allows ISPs with an established customer base to enhance their products and increase their profits with ease. Bring your company a lucrative and unique reseller opportunity, by offering the Faxaway service to your users. Learn more about our Software and Web developers looking to enhance their products and increase their profits can do so with ease by joining the Faxaway Resellers Program.
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