Faxaway Features

Faxaway offers a variety of features that enhance your ability to send faxes via email.

Supported Formats

Faxaway attempts to support as many document formats as possible. If you need to send an unsupported document format, please send a request to support@faxaway.com. We will review the request and make every attempt to add support for the document format.

For best results, test the various types of messages and attachments you may be faxing. If you do not have a fax machine, you may test any files by sending them to Faxaway's Customer Support Fax Number 12064797500@faxaway.com and requesting that we review them. Please include your email address so we can contact you.

Faxaway supports most types of MIME, BinHex, and UUEncoding as attachments.

.doc Microsoft Word (includes Word for Office '97)
.dox Multimate 4
.htm Hypertext Markup Language TEXT ONLY (1,2, and 3.0) Cannot include graphcs, frames or other code
.pdf Adobe Acrobat (Portable Document Format)
.rtf Rich Text Format
.sam Lotus Ami Pro
.txt Text files
.wpd WordPerfect
.wp5 WordPerfect 5.x
.wp6 WordPerfect 6.x
.wps Microsoft Works 3.0
.wri Windows Write
.xls Microsoft Excel **

**Faxaway does not reliably support Microsoft Excel files in landscape format. To send Excel files more reliably, use our TIFF converter to convert Excel files in landscape format to TIFF files, or embed the Excel file into a Word document.

Graphic Formats

For best results we recommend that you embed your graphic into a Microsoft Word document or use our TIFF converter.

.ai Adobe Illustrator File Format (version 6)
.bmp Windows Bitmap
.cdr CorelDraw Drawing File Format (3x,4x,5x)
.cgm Computer Graphics Metafile
.cmx Corel ClipArt Format (version 5)
.drw Micrografx Designer 3.1
.dwg AutoCAD Native Drawing Format (version 12)
.dxf AutoCAD Drawing Interchange File Format
.eps Encapsualted Postscript
.fmv FrameMaker Vector and Raster Format
.gdf IBM Graphics Data Format
.gem Graphics Environment Manager Metafile (version 3.0)
.gif CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format
.hgl Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (HPGL)
.hpg Hewlett-Packard Plotter
.igs Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES)
.img GEM Image File Format
.jpg Joint Photographic Experts Group
.met OS/2 PM Metafile
.pcd Kodak Photo CD
.pct Macintosh Picture File Format (PICT)
.pcx PC Paintbrush Bitmap
.pic Lotus 123 Picture File Format
.plt Hewlett-Packard Plotter
.png Portable Network Graphics/Internet Format
.ras Sun Raster File Format
.rnd AutoShade Rendering File Format
.tga Targa Truevision
.tif Tagged Image File Format (Type 3 1-D only)
.wmf Windows Metafile
.wpg WordPerfect Graphic File Format
.xbm X-Windows Bitmap
.xpm X-Windows Pixelmap
.xwd X-Windows Dump

Extended Characters

Faxaway can properly translate the US ASCII and the ISO-8859-1 character sets. This character set covers the following languages: Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Faeroese, French, German, Galician, Irish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil.

Faxaway cannot support any other character sets such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any other scripted or double-byte character alphabets within text messages or attached files. If you wish to send faxes using an unsupported character set, use our TIFF converter.

Macintosh Users

Faxaway supports Microsoft Word documents that have been converted to PC byte format. If you are inserting or embedding a graphic into a converted Word file, please make sure that you have also converted the graphic using a conversion tool that allows you to save the graphic in PC byte order form before inserting it into the Word document. Faxaway will support such universal graphic formats as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and BMP, but you must be certain to save the graphic in PC byte order with the appropriate three-character extension (.tif, .jpg, .gif, .bmp). Please test your files and contact customer support if you have any questions.

Account Management

Because you can have an unlimited number of email addresses on a single account, Faxaway requires that one of the email addresses be designated as your Main Account address. For security purposes, this email address must be used when you want to make any adjustments to your account such as adding or deleting subaccount addresses or changing credit card payment information.

All notices regarding billing and account issues will be sent to the main account address only. (Please make sure that your main account address is monitored by a person and not an automated mail box.)

Unique features of a main account address:
Receives charge summaries when your balance reaches zero. This is your notice that we will be charging your credit card for the next prepayment. Automatically receives the cost of each fax in the confirmation. Is the only address that can get a complete account activity report using the LIST CALLS interactive command. (Sub-accounts only get information on their own addresses.) Customer Support uses this address to contact you regarding billing or account problems.

Changing Your Main Account Address or Adding Additional Email Addresses to Your Faxaway Account
You may change your Main Account address or add additional email addresses any time by sending a request to Customer Support from your existing main account email address. Indicate the complete new email address in your message. It is very important that this address is spelled correctly with all applicable dots, dashes, and country extensions. We will copy the address exactly as you send it to us when we change or add email addresses to your account. If you no longer have access to your old main account address, you can use the secure web form to notify us of the new address. You must include your credit card number for verification purposes.