Advanced Features

Faxaway offers advanced features that allow you to customize your faxes and manage your account. You can use Interactive Commands to modify your faxes and monitor your Faxaway usage. You can create Custom Templates for your Faxaway documents to give your faxes the look of company letterhead. Additionally, you can use Broadcast Faxaway to send a single fax to any number of recipients, and Fax-back service to store and send documents to as many destinations as necessary using a simple email command.

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Interactive Commands

Faxaway's Interactive Commands allow you to access and receive updated information about your Faxaway account and make changes to some of the settings on your account. Using Interactive Commands, you can access account usage records for up to 30 days.

To use Interactive Commands, address an email to Leave the Cc: and Subject: fields blank. In the body of the email, type the command that will generate the response you desire.

*For accounts using multiple addresses, command must come from the registered main account address.

To generate a use this command.
Daily Fax Report (1 to 30 Days) LIST CALLS X (X = number of days)
Multiple Address Accounts (Daily) LIST CALLS ALL X (X = number of days)
Monthly Fax Report LIST CALLS 30
Multiple Address Accounts (Monthly) LIST CALLS ALL 30 (from the main account address only)
To Include Subject in Your Call Detail LIST CALLS SUBJECT
Text-Only User Guide HELP

You can also use Interactive Commands to change some fields in both sent messages and confirmation messages.

If you want to use this command.
Change the From: field SET NAME X (X is new name)
Reset the From: field to your Main Address SET NAME OFF
Copy Confirmations to Your Main Account SET CC ON
Turn Confirmation On/Off SET CONFIRM ON (or OFF)
Turn Account Balance On/Off CONFIRMBALANCE OFF (or ON)
Include failed messages with Confirmation SET FAILCOPY ON
Adjust Fonts SET FONT X (X is font from list below)

Courier - 9 point, fixed width
Arial - 10 point, proportional
Arial12 - 12 point, proportional
Times - 10 point, proportional
Times12 - 12 point, proportional

For other font availability, send an email to Customer Support and request that a special font be loaded on your account. Note: not all fonts are available.

Custom Templates

Creating Fax Templates or Letterhead
When your account is first registered, Faxaway will send your messages in the Standard Faxaway Template.

Date: (Date, format - January 1, 1998 19:39 GMT)
To: (Recipients Fax Number)
From: (Your email address)
Subject: example

If you are using the FAXDOC attachment method of sending faxes, the default cover sheet is eliminated; only the attached document will be sent (with no cover page).

Customized Fax Template (Letterhead)
Faxaway Customer Support can help you set up your own customized Fax Template/Letterhead, by adding your company logo, contact information, as well as adding a personalized name in the "From" field. Custom templates will be used with the text messaging format only. Send an email to, subject: customer template, with an attached copy of the customized word document you would like us to load under your account. Faxaway Customer Support can also help you design your own customer template.

Indicate which account email addresses the letterhead should be installed undeer. You may have the same template installed under each address in your account, or each sub-account may have it's own custom template.

NOTE: Date, To, From and Subject are optional fields in custom templates. Reminder, heavy formatting such as boxes around sections of text and/or graphic files embedded in your template will affect transmission times.

Accepted File Formats For Custom Templates
Faxaway can only accept template files in Microsoft Word Document format. Please do not send files with macros, files that are locked, password protected or read only. Faxaway cannot accept Macintosh files for letterheads.

Pictures and/or graphics must be embedded in the word document as one of the following file types: .JPG, .PCX, .BMP or .WMF file. FONT TYPES: Any True Type Font from the Standard Windows 3.1 installation (Times New Roman, Arial, Courier etc.). Contact Customer Support for information on a complete list of supported fonts.

KNOWN EXCEPTIONS: Please do NOT include these symbols in your letterhead template.

Spanish: Dieresis ( ~ )
German: Umlaut
European: Accent ( ' )

Custom Template Fees and Template Design Assistance
The fee for installing a custom template is US$10.00. If the same custom template is also installed under sub-account email addresses, a fee of US$1.00 per each account will be charged. Changes to your custom template will be charged at a rate of US$10.00 per change.

Faxaway would be happy to assist you in the design of your custom template. You'll need to provide us with a graphic file (i.e. picture of your company logo), in electronic format, the information you would like included in your template, plus any font preference and/or formatting requests. The customer template will be designed and faxed to you for approval before it is installed on your account.

Design assistance will be charged at a rate of US$20.00 per one half hour (minumum US$20.00), with each additional time charged at US$10.00 per one half hour.

Broadcast Faxaway

Faxaway's broadcast faxing feature puts the power of sophisticated corporate telecommunications delivery systems on every desktop.

You can distribute information to hundreds --even thousands-- of fax recipients in one easy step.

Simple commands allow you to maintain and update distribution lists on Faxaway's servers for easy access and efficient transmissions.

Broadcast Faxaway is available only to registered Faxaway users, so if you don't already have a Faxaway account, sign up for one now!

To receive Faxaway Broadcast Fax information, send email to For complete documentation, print a complete copy of the Broadcast Faxaway User Guide.

Fax-back Service

Add functionality to your Web site or intranet and streamline corporate communications with Faxaway's Fax-back service.

With Fax-back, you can store frequently used documents such as product descriptions, FAQs, media kits, and sales materials on the Faxaway server and distribute them to your customers, clients, and employess on request. You can send Fax-back documents to one recipient or many--all by issuing a simple command.

Fax-back service is available only to registered Faxaway users, so if you don't already have a Faxaway account, open one now!

Print a copy of our Fax-back user guide.