Print Quick Start

This option is FREE of charge to registered Faxaway account holders. This option will allow any Windows file to be converted to a .tif format type 3 1-D. Faxaway does NOT reliably support any other type of .tif format.

As with all other email to fax messages, Faxaway can send only one attached .tif file per message, even if more are attached.
Merge fields are not allowed with .tif files. It is not necessary to put FAXDOC in the subject line when sending .tif files (see
sending messages for more information on sending attachments).

TIF PRINT DRIVER: This driver is available for download at http://www.faxaway.com/toolbooth/converter.htm
You will need to copy and paste this address into your web browser. This is compatible with either WIN3.xx or WIN95.

    Installation instructions for the PRINT DRIVER ONLY:
  1. The .TIF converter is loaded into your computer as a 'PRINTER CHOICE'.
  2. The printer choice is named 'BLICE'.
  3. Please set the properties settings as follows in the output directory:
  4. TIFF Group 3, 1 Dimension
  5. Paper size Fax Paper 8.46 x 11
  6. Under Properties > Advanced the last field shows WHERE your saved file will be stored once you have renamed it. This is called the Output Directory. It is best if you do not reset this.
  7. Any modifications you make under the 'Options Print' tab will affect your fax transmission. You may have to experiment in order to make each specific fax work.
  8. When "printing" to the .TIF converter (BLICE), a "save as" dialog box opens with a default path and numeric file name. You can change the name of your file, however NOTE that this file will be saved under the path listed in your Output Directory (located under Properties > Advanced, last field) If you try to save the renamed file anywhere ELSE using this dialog box, the numeric file name will be used for the save. This is a 'quirk' of this particular .Tif converter, and cannot be modified.
  9. Go to your default Output directory (usually C:\Faxcvt) and attach the file to your e-mail message.