Faxaway's Upgraded
Tif Converter 4.0

Is the file format you wish to fax currently not supported by Faxaway?

Win XP Download.
Win95/98 Download.
Win3.1Users Download.

Faxaway now has free Tiff Converter programs available for Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. Please email Faxaway Customer Support support@faxaway.com for full details.

Tiff Converter Quick Start Guide.

Quick and Easy install, program converts any file to a .tif format for sending faxes via Faxaway!

Using the Tif Converter Faxaway supports

  1. Double Byte Characters
  2. Office 2k
  3. HTML (all forms of)
  4. Printing from any application

See Faxaway's user's guide for Supported Formats.

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