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Reseller Program

Faxaway Resellers are ISPs and Web development companies who already have a customer base of users that would benefit from Faxaway's service, be it corporate customers or general consumers. Simply put, you can arrange with Faxaway for certain Internet domains to be configured so that every email address on any of your domains can use the Faxaway service.

Faxaway provides our Resellers with a daily call summary for all users, delimited by customer email. At the end of each month we provide complete details of all Faxaway use for that month, for each user you have registered under your domain. Faxaway deducts a wholesale discount off of your monthly invoice. Each Reseller handles all payments for Faxaway services - i.e., their end-users pay the Reseller directly for all Faxaway usage. The Reseller then pays Faxaway for usage on all customers within their registered domain(s).

As a reseller of Faxaway, you profit from the difference between the invoiced amount, which included a discount, and the amount that you charge your users. You are free to charge your users based on the Faxaway end-user rates published on the Faxaway Web site, or different rates. You are free to charge monthly service charges and/or set-up charges, depending on what your market will bear.

Click here to be contacted by a Faxaway representative and begin the process of becoming a Faxaway Reseller.

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